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Murder at the Yeshiva

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ISBN: 9781457538681
188 pages

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Mo Shuman, a homicide detective who is about to retire at the Twelfth Precinct on the Lower East Side, catches the murder of Aaron Cohen, a yeshiva student whose body is found beneath the Williamsburg Bridge. In solving the murder with his homicide squad, Shuman must come to grips with his own demons.


About Stewart Bird

I’ve written Solidarity Forever, an oral history of the I.W.W. (University of Minnesota Press) with Dan Georgakas and Deborah Shaffer. I also co-authored a play The Wobblies: The U.S. vs. Wm. D. Haywood et. al., (with Peter Robilotta) which was performed at the Hudson Guild Theatre in New York and published by Smyrna Press.



Some people waited for the dough to rise, the assembly line to start, or students to be seated. The homicide detectives at the Twelfth waited for the next corpse.

The precinct was located in an old brick building that had just been converted from coal to oil. Lieutenant John Mulroy—a red-faced, square-jawed man with a large forehead, thinning hair, and eyebrows that had a life of their own— sat at his desk. On the opposite wall were photographs of Mulroy receiving citations from police brass, photographs of his family, of him clowning with the grandchildren. In a revered spot on that wall, three black-andwhite photos hung under a green and gold banner that read Order of Hibernians. The first one was of Dorothea Day serving meals to the poor in the 1930s. The second one was of James Connolly gesturing forcefully before a Bronx crowd. The last photograph was of Eugene V. Debs, candidate for president on the Socialist Party ticket dressed in prison garb.


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